2.10.11 - (2.10.11) Milgram Experiment Recap 1961 Yale...

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(2.10.11) Milgram Experiment Recap 1961 Yale University, “Obedience” Purpose: o To observe people’s willingness to harm others when following orders o To investigate what level of obedience would be shown when participants were told y an authority figure to administer electric shocks to another person Creation of Protection of Human Subjects What is IRB? IRB= Institutional Review Board o Who? Panel of faculty o What? Reviewing al research proposals involving human subjects/participants o Why? To protect participants rights and interests Materials needing IRB approval: o All research that involves human subjects/participants o Federally funded research o Research for publication and presentation in front of public audience o Student projects for public presentation o IRB Proposal: 5Ws and 1H of the research o Questionnaire/interview materials o Informed consent form o Debriefing form Ethics in Analyzing and Reporting 1. Objectivity o
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2.10.11 - (2.10.11) Milgram Experiment Recap 1961 Yale...

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