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Adv and Society - 1.20.11 Institutional Views of...

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1.20.11 Institutional Views of Advertising : How Advertising is Seen in the Large 3 Dominant World Views Tradition o Emphasis on status quo, understanding social plan, provided by deity, ancestors, or both Authority o Few directing Many Classical Liberalism o Self-interest, rationality, whole is sum of parts o Market is self-perpetuating Ideas & Institutions Shared “implicit assumptions” that give form to institutions o Nature of Man Americans question things o Nature of Society Different in different cultures o Nature of the economic and political order Classic Liberal Market Egoism - self-interest Intellectualism Quietism -People are quiet unless they are stimulated. “You have to arouse my interest” Atomism - Society is the sum of the parts. (Whole is the sum of the parts). Individuals make up and are molded by society Classical Liberalism > Advertising Intense interest in ourselves Ads try to move us towards our appeals and move us to our self- interests Consumers then decide to sort through all the ads and then chose a reasonable decision Resources are going to go where the demand is with the consumers Sovereignty is our intellect
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Challenging Questions What if people aren’t active information seekers in their own self-
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Adv and Society - 1.20.11 Institutional Views of...

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