11 - o 1. We are exposed to so much of it o 2. It is...

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1/13/11 Groucho Marx- “Do you believe me or what your lying eyes tell you” Advertising and Society Think read and write critically about the role of advertising and society Understand the conflicting arguments Macro perspective of advertising as an institution (widest view) Appreciate and develop personal ethics Advertising is… Constantly with us, but unloved Tolerated, but rarely championed Source of jokes and the target of jokes Placed at the bottom of occupational ethics Savaged by critics for its social evils Not protected by the cloak of professionalism—everyone is an expert Everyone is an Expert We all know advertising very well-often too well- because:
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Unformatted text preview: o 1. We are exposed to so much of it o 2. It is simple-minded and easy to understand o 3. Its public Complexity Advertising is much more complex Everyone has an opinion Hard to isolate Tip of the ice bergs- the ads Few Right Answers Issues will not be black and white You determine your perspective, but be willing and able to defend that perspective Not an advocate or apologist His role- push to confront the larger issue **Name and 4 issues on paper of what you want to write about & read NYT article -manipulation, materialism and social values-gender, sex in advertising -advertising and the media-stereotypes, human portrayals...
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11 - o 1. We are exposed to so much of it o 2. It is...

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