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2.10.11 - • Advertising reflects how we lived in the past...

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(2.10.11) Manipulation, Materialism & Values Manipulation & Persuasion Manipulate : to manage or influence deviously for one’s advantage o Get another to do something involuntarily o *Volition is key* Persuade : to win someone over to a course of action by reasoning or inducement; to convince Critics Argue that Advertising Can Manipulate: 1. Appeals to subconscious level 2. Appeals to emotions (not rational) 3. Uses scientific power to advantage a. Study of consumer behavior b. Targeting a market c. Physiological/psychological testing i. Psychoanalytic techniques ii. Eye tracking iii. Alpha waves iv. FMRI 4. As immeasurable cumulative and long term effects a. Normalize certain behaviors i. Such as alcohol consumption, ultra thin Advertising and Lifestyles
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Unformatted text preview: • Advertising reflects how we lived in the past, how we live now, and how we might live in the future • These reflections are idealized and cumulative • They tell us about work, play, family life, fashion, styles, and more • Ads reflect a form of journalism—chronicle and record life Value, Value Systems & Values • A value is an enduring belief that a mode of conduct or state is personally and socially preferable to an opposite mode or state, involving a balancing of opposites. • A value system is an enduring organization of beliefs along a continuum of relative importance. • Values, then, are hierarchically prescriptions and proscriptions of actions....
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