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CHFD 3710 Products that play on disabilities or problems turn people off Younger people focus on building families, careers, and success in their social roles. Older people want psychological fulfillment(rather than social-role fulfillment)and want to achieve life satisfaction Novella and Workman (2006) report that Baby Boomers will pay for quality and service when they buy a product. But they want products that fit their lifestyles and needs Investment companies, such as Smith Barney Transamerica, and E*TRADE use full-page magazine ads to target Baby Boomers. These companies want to offer investment advice to this rich and expanding market. Retail companies have also begun to target the older consumer. The Ageless Self: Another Form of Ageism Aging celebrities may serve as role models for Baby Boomers. They make aging look
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Unformatted text preview: glamorous and they challenge negative stereotypes. • The anti-aging trend excludes poor older people who can’t afford the cost of anti-aging medicines and treatments. • Older people appear to live in a paradise of mature adulthood Intergenerational Programs • Social contact between older and younger people can reduce stereotyping. • Studies of education programs show that positive attitudes arise from balanced contact and guided reflection Legislation and Social Action • Education can help reduce ageism. But discrimination can also be fought directly through legislation • Age-irrelevant society, a society that judges people by who they are and what they can do, rather than by their ages....
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