Exam 1 Study Guide - Chapter 1 Study Guide The Evolution of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1 Study Guide The Evolution of Mass Communication George Guess/Sequoyah Father, white/mother, Cherokee; handicapped, never learned to read or write English; Cherokee felt they were meant to hunt, not read Devised a system of 86 characters , each representing a sound in the Cherokee language; Guess taught his daughter to read; system adopted by the Cherokee nation in 1825; nation awarded Guess a silver medal for his contributions Only single person in history to create/perfect a system for reading & writing a language; English botanist named giant California tree Sequoyah, Guesss Cherokee name, for his giant contributions Storytelling National Storytelling Association defines storytelling as: the art of using language, vocalization and gesture to reveal the elements and images of a story to an audience Story defined as narrative account of real or imagined events ; stories pass on wisdom, beliefs, values; explain who/what we are; explain how things are, why; the building blocks of knowledge; the foundation of memory, learning; connect, link us to the past, present & future Telling defined as live, person to person, oral/physical presentation of a story to an audience ; involves direct contact between teller/listener; teller must use vivid language to bring the story to life, listener must bring experiences to help bring to life. Storytelling Elements: interactive, co-creative, personal, interpretive, human; a process/medium for sharing & interpreting meaning to an audience Culture Culture defined as the behaviors/beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic or age group ; the learned behaviors of whatever group to which you belong Another definition of culture: the sum total of ways of living built up by a group over a period of time and passed on from one generation to another Media & Storytelling, Culture Mass media have become our cultures storytellers ; whether it is advertising, television, newspapers, whatever media, they all tell stories that we like; those who can tell stories well will be sought Media stories: some positive, some negative; stereotypes build over time (many based on truthful info for some, extended to all of a given culture) ; once again, some stereotypical images dominate Early Cultures & Storytelling Oral cultures: passed on info from one generation to the next without benefit of writing Cultures extremely close, elders considered most wise 1 st important communicators Myth & history intertwined Early Writing Cultures Sumerians: cuneiform , a picture language using a stylus tool Egyptians: created hieroglyphs w/2000 symbols; used papyrus (writing surface derived from plants along the Nile) and parchment (writing surface from the skins of goat & sheep); Rosetta Stone helped decipher hieroglyphs Phoenicians: developed 1 st syllable alphabet Greeks: credited with perfecting the alphabet 1 Printing Press...
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Exam 1 Study Guide - Chapter 1 Study Guide The Evolution of...

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