The Development of Sociology

The Development of Sociology - T he Development of...

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The Development of Sociology In Europe in the 1800’s (Industrial Revolution, Enlightenment) Industrial Revolution (city life, factories, mass production, technological innovations) Massive change (social problems like child labor, social class, poverty) During the Englightenment Desire to understand stability and change Early Sociologist (Europe) August Comte-founder of sociology; coined the term “sociology”; positivist (believed you could use scientific method and live and apply it to the social world) Harriet Martineau-examined social practices in both Britain and U.S., giving special attention to social class, gender, and race Herbert Spencer-influenced by Darwin o Society as evolving organism, best left alone, survival of the fittest Emile Durkeim (1888-1917) Stability of society-parts of society are working together o More stable than not, change and problems mean something isn’t working right Sui generis- thing in itself; could study society as a unit regardless of the people that make it up, “social facts” First breakthrough in social research-study of suicide
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The Development of Sociology - T he Development of...

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