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Amcult 295 Review Sheet - WS 295 Review Sheet Terms Social...

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WS 295 Review Sheet Terms Social construction - sex(male/female) is a biological substrate that by itself determines nothing -adults determine sex (assign) not genitals - genitals do not determine gender or sexual orientation -nurture theory Essentialist theory - sex is biologically given that determines gender and sexuality -penis= boy vagina=girl - only heterosexuality -universal facts of life -nothing to explain except why some people do not fit in Sex - biological substrate - Biological differences related to reproductive functions - Chromosomes, hormones, external organs - Many species including plants have sex(male/female) Gender - masculinity and femininity -only humans have gender - cultural associated sex differences ex. Pink associated with women -usually assigned at birth based on genitals Gender Concepts 1. Assignment- putting babies into cultural category 2. Identity- subjective sense of gender 3. Role- behavior associated with role 4. Attribution- process of deciding what gender another person is Gender Dysphoria - gender identity does not agree with assignment Transsexual - gender reassignment - Varying degrees of hormone “treatment” and surgery to alter the body to conform to the reassigned gender - Sex cannot be changed but gender can be (cannot modify sex only gender) Intersex -formally called hermaphrodites - about 1 in 1000 babies are intersex - creates crisis for doctors and family - gender assigned and surgery alters the body to resemble the biological sex of that gender -some intersexed have organized against this surgery Sexuality -symbols in any form- actions, fantasies, artwork etc. that are associated with and supposed to lead in any given culture to sexual arousal Sexual orientation -enduring desires that affect a person’s fundamental identity -heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, sadomasochist Holistic/ Qualitative - depth exploration of one’s culture “thick description” -intra-cultural -implicit comparison with one’s own culture Comparative/Quantitative - comparing isolated element of many cultures
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-inter-cultural Sex Positive - belief that sex is desired by both genders and is a good thing Sex Negative - sex that is seen as wrong or inappropriate Kinship System - group made up of people related to each other through men (patrilineal) or people related to each other through women (matrilineal) -inherit either father or mother not both Alligatoring - extra-marital sex -takes place in a bush -consensual and exciting Hammocking - marital sex -takes place in woman’s hut in a hammock -“tasteless” Manioc - primary crop of the Mehinaku -planted and tended by woman -grind and cook Eros - desire for beautiful -one can feel Eros for any beautiful person or object or even ideas -Eros might or might not be sexual arousal Philia- love or compassion for a family member -sexual(wife) or nonsexual(children) Erastes - teacher, older, super ordinate, pursuer, motivated by Eros Eramos - student, younger, subordinate, pursued, motivated by Philia
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Amcult 295 Review Sheet - WS 295 Review Sheet Terms Social...

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