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Psychology 250 Ward – Winter 2009 Study Guide for Exam 1 Chapter 1: Theory and Research Strategies Definition of development. Definition of stage. Six assumptions of life-span perspective. Understand age-graded, history graded, & nonnormative influences. Definition of resilience. Definition and function of theory. Dimensions on which theories differ: organismic vs. mechanistic; continuous vs. discontinuous development; nature vs. nurture; pervasiveness of change vs. stability General premises of Freud’s psychosexual theory – role of drives &conflict - 3 components of the personality General premises of Erikson’s theory - similarities & diffs betw Freud’s & Erikson’s theories – ego identity – General contributions and limitations of psychoanalytic theory Mechanisms and premises of each of the 3 learning theories: Watson and traditional behaviorism (stimulus-response associations); Skinner’s operant conditioning (consequences of a behavior, reinforcement, punishment); Bandura’s social cognitive theory (humans as cognitive beings, observational learning) General premises of Piaget’s cognitive developmental theory: nature of child, nature of change; special terms: assimilation, accommodation. Contributions and limitations of Piaget’s theory. General premises of information processing theory, and of evolutionary developmental psychology and ethology as presented in text. Term: sensitive period Tenets of Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of cognitive development General premises of the ecological systems perspective; Bronfenbrenner’s 5 systems Characteristics of common research methods: systematic observation (naturalistic observation, structured observation); self-report (clinical interview, structured interview, questionnaire); clinical or
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Exam 1 Study Guide - Psychology 250 Ward Winter 2009 Study...

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