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Problem Questions 1. If my company closes the doors, I know the fact that I will lose a lot of money and my customers may start choosing another vendor that could do their documents without close their door. Also as the same time, my revenue per contract will decrease from both of my clients, the travelers and small- sized businesses customers. 2. I feel little angry about the situation that my clients might change their vendor , if my company is not doing the right job at the right time and date that might cause to my clients unsatisfied with our process. That would lead my company to a negative slope in a profit graph. 3. Closing doors leads my business to low revenue. Most companies looking for a
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Unformatted text preview: company with a capability for travel documents to be transferred electronically to clients through the internet with a higher level of document security and fast access. 4. Until that point I find the right person, I will maintain the business by anticipate working significantly longer hours, up to eighty hours per week. 5. In both ways for me it is really going hard. Because If I want to hire a new employee to replace Nancy, it will take me a couple of month to get someone like Nancy with cost of salary and benefits will likely cost me over $60,000 yearly and if I want to work for longer hours until the point, it will be hard to manage as the same time ....
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