Chapter Quiz 7-17 - _____ the running behavior. Negative...

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Chapter 7 Quiz 1 selective attention 2 faulty schemata 3 People are less likely to use stereotypes to judge others when they encounter salient information that is highly inconsistent with a stereotype. 4 subordinate motivation 5 comparing an individual's behavior with that of his or her peers Chapter 8 Quiz 1 self- actualization 2 existence 3 a challegeing assignment 4 Expectancy theory 5 job enrichment Chapter 9 Quiz 1. Management by objectives is a management system that incorporates ____. goal setting 2. The _____ criterion for reward distribution focuses on factors such as teamwork, risk-taking, and creativity performance: actions and behaviors 3. One way managers can foster intrinsic motivation is by leading for competence. Leading for competence involves ____. supporting and coaching employees 4. An employee who works overtime because of praise and recognition from the boss is responding to ____. positive reinforcement 5. Jack, a high school football coach , stops yelling at his players when they begin to run faster. Jack has
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Unformatted text preview: _____ the running behavior. Negative Reinforcement Chapter 10 Quiz 1. B accurately perceive the emotions of others 2. C Give individuals an opportunity to test and share their perceptions of social reality . 3. A storming 4. C directive and structured 5. C conflict Chapter 11 Quiz 1. low;low 2. viability 3. Vague or conflicting team assignments 4. Cohesiveness 5. managers may see self-managed teams as a threat to their job security Chapter 13 Quiz 1. 2 conflict 2. 1 Workplace incivility 3. 2 Devil's advocacy 4. 3 dominating 5. 4 mediation Chapter 15 1. inspirational appeal 2. commitment 3. Socialized; personalized 4. legitimate 5. delegation; distribution Chapter 16 1. Callousness 2. task structure 3. supportive 4. using extrinsic motivation 5. positively associated with job satisfaction Ch 17 Quiz 1. system; consciously coordinated 2. he has a narrow span of control 3. cross-functional teams 4. mechanistic 5. internal processes...
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Chapter Quiz 7-17 - _____ the running behavior. Negative...

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