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1. As we find our organization with more satisfied employees tend to be more productive and effective and seems likely to talk postivelly about the organization. In the other hand job satisfaction and Absenteeism we find a consistent negative relationship between satisfaction and absenteeism; In this situation job dissaisfied employees high absence rates, also the relationship between job satisfaction and turnover is stronger than between satisfation and absenteeism ,employees is more likely leaving the job because of the the dissatisfaction of the job. 2. Exit- it is a response direct behavior toward leaving the organization, including looking a new position as well as resigning. Voice- it is a response includes actively and constructively attempting to improve conditions, including
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Unformatted text preview: suggesting improvements,discussing problems with superiors, and undertaking some forms of union activity. Loyalty- the loyalty response means passively but optimistically waiting for condition to improve, including speaking up for the organization ans its managment to do the right thing. Neglect- the response passively allows conditions to worsen and includes chronic absenteeism or lateness, reduce effort, and increased error rate. 3. I would say that the managment look at it our survey as an information that helps them to get a clue the performance of the students and the instructor under the specific course but that means the managment do not make a hundred percent decision based on the student survey...
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