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chem111 syllabus

chem111 syllabus - Chemistry 11100 Professors and Lecture...

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Chemistry 11100 Course Syllabus Fall 2009 Professors and Lecture Times Dr. Tong Ren BRWN 5186 [email protected] Office Hours: Fridays, 2 - 4 PM Dr. Kyoung-Shin Choi BRWN 5130A [email protected] Office Hours: tba Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:30 PM in WTHR 172 Dr. Cindy Harwood BRWN 1144F [email protected] Office Hours: tba Laboratories and PSO Sessions As listed on your course schedule. Campus Emergency Procedures If Purdue declares a campus emergency that disrupts regular class activities, students will be kept informed of any necessary changes in CHM 11100 activities via the class e-mail list and announcements on the Blackboard course. Things you Must < Purchase the textbook and lab manual. (see below) Do During Week #1 < Read the information in this course packet and update your personal calendar. < Register yourself into the WebAssign on-line homework program and complete the introduction to WebAssign exercises. < Complete and pass the lab safety certification available on-line at your CHM11100 lab blackboard course under Assessments. < Attend lectures, labs and PSO sessions as scheduled. Textbook Laboratory Manual and Notebook Learning Materials Introduction to CHEMISTRY , 2 Ed. by Bauer, Birk & Marks. nd McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2010. The textbooks are available in the local bookstores. [ISBN: 9978-0-07-351107-8] Chemistry 11100 Laboratory Manual, Purdue University, Fall 2009 Edition, Hayden-McNeil Publishing, Inc. The required laboratory notebook is packaged with the lab manual and the package is available at the local bookstores.
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Chemistry 11100, Fall 2009 Purdue University 2 Access to On-Line Homework Miscellaneous Supplies You will need to register into the proper CHM 11100 WebAssign course at www.webassign.net/purdue/login.purdue.html. See page 17 for registration instructions and details. < A simple scientific calculator for exams. Graphing calculators are not permitted at exams. < Approved safety goggles for labs. < A padlock for your lab drawer. < A black, permanent ink Sharpie pen to mark lab glassware. URLs correct WebAssgin URL Office Hours Chemistry Resource Room (WTHR 117) General Chemistry Office (BRWN 1144) Course Coordinator (BRWN 1144) Sources of Help and Information Blackboard: www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/blackboard/ WebAssign www.webassign.net/purdue/login.html PU Academic Success Center: www.purdue.edu/asc/ PU Gen Chem Help Page: www.chem.purdue.edu/gchelp/ A complete schedule of office hours for professors and CHM 11100 TAs will be posted on Blackboard. Dates and times that the Chemistry Resource Room will be open will be posted on Blackboard courses and at the Resource Room. Monday - Friday:
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chem111 syllabus - Chemistry 11100 Professors and Lecture...

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