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Buser’s Experiencing Art around Us Chapter 2: Subjects and their uses in art KEY TERMS abstract art allegory fantasy art genre history paintings iconography landscapes mythology nonobjective nude personification portraits protest art religious art sentimental significance still life style triptych ARTISTS/ART/CULTURES TO KNOW Seneca Iroquois Thomas Eakins Praxiteles Èdouard Manet Titian El Greco Andres Serrano Jan van Eyck Meret Oppenheim Hieronymous Bosch Mary Cassatt
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Unformatted text preview: BRIEF OUTLINE Chapter 2: Subjects and Their Uses in Art Iconography • style Significance Kinds of Subjects • Religious Art o mythology • Portraiture o portraits • The Nude • Narrative Art o history paintings • Genre o sentimental • Still Life • Nature o landscapes • Personification and Allegory o personification o allegory • Protest Art • Fantasy Art o triptych • Abstract and Nonobjective Art Continuum chart o abstract art o nonobjective art...
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2%20themes%20and%20subjects - BRIEF OUTLINE Chapter 2...

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