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_______________________________________________________ Last Name, First Name A5: Color Interaction due in class on 10/5/10 Color is everywhere. It surrounds us in the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the food we eat, and the homes we live in. But what do you really know about color? Have you ever try to match up colors to match clothing or interior objects, thinking they were exact matches and later realizing that one color is just a shade off? If I asked you to picture the color blue, what comes to mind? Sky blue? Navy blue? Midnight blue? Baby blue? Royal blue? Cornflower blue? What other “blues” can you think of? In his book Interaction of Color, Josef Albers stated that “Color is the most relative medium in art” and advocated “practice before theory” in discovering color interaction. In this assignment, you will experiment with color interaction and try to discover color’s relativity through experimentation using two exercises adapted from Albers’ book. Materials Needed
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