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________________________________ Last name, first name Due 11/9 in class Most of the artwork shown in class and the textbook is made of traditional media, such as painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, printmaking, etc. and is considered high art, often shown in a museum setting. An alternative space in art would be anywhere but in a traditional gallery setting- a billboard, a subway drawing, a sidewalk, the internet. Alternative materials can be described as media that is non-traditional and not typical, using sand, toothpicks and spray paint. Much of the art below would be considered part of popular culture and low art. (Andy Goldsworthy is one such exception from the list, as his work has achieved critical acclaim and some of his nature based sculptures are shown in museums.) For this assignment, you will be using the internet to view alternative spaces sometimes using alternative materials. View each link then answer the questions. Andy Goldsworthy (any of the Goldsworthy footage would be fine)
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