Chapter%20Six%20Principles%20of%20Design - • René...

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Buser’s Experiencing Art around Us Chapter 6: principles of design Key terms: asymmetrical balance balance consistency with variety design dominance golden section handling hieratic Representation/hierarchical scale principles of design proportions rhythm scale symmetry unity vanitas Artists/Art/Cultures to Know Francis Bacon Georges de La Tour Elizabeth Murray Erich Heckel Leonardo de Vinci* Marcel Duchamp* Leon Battista Alberti Chuck Close Michelangelo* James McNeill Whistler* Audrey Flack Benin Plaque Rembrandt van Rijn Anselm Kiefer
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Unformatted text preview: • René Magritte Brief outline for Chapter 6 Principles of Design Dominance o Focal point o Illumination o Color o Detail o Curvature o Afocal Consistency with Variety o Repetition o Value contrast o Handling o Brushwork o Characterization Rhythm o Motion o Repetition Proportion o Shape o Ratios o Golden Section Scale o View • Up close • Distance o Hieratic representation o Vanitas Balance o Symmetrical balance • Mirrored • Regular shape o Asymmetrical balance • Same weight • Foreground • Background o Radial balance...
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Chapter%20Six%20Principles%20of%20Design - • René...

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