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Sue Uhlig, instructor Topics/Readings will be covered in this order. Topic Reading All readings from Experiencing Art around Us unless otherwise noted What is Art? Ch. 1 pp. 1-23 Subjects and Their Uses in Art Ch. 2 pp. 24-58 Line, Shape and Mass Ch. 3 pp. 59-81 Light and Color Ch. 4 pp. 82-106 Surface and Space Ch. 5 pp. 107-123 Principles of Design Ch. 6 pp. 125-142 The Art World Ch. 19 pp. 469-489 Writing About Art The Art of Writing About Art and handout on Blackboard “Writing About Art” The Ancient and Medieval World Ch. 15 pp. 323-367 (parts of Architecture, ch. 14 included in this section) Expanding Horizons of World Art Ch. 16 pp. 368-414 The Early Modern World: 1860-1940 Ch. 17
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Unformatted text preview: pp. 415-443 The Modern World: Since 1940 Ch. 18 pp. 444-468 Drawing Ch. 7 pp. 143-162 Painting Ch. 9 pp. 183-204 Printmaking Ch. 8 pp. 163-182 Photography/Film Ch. 10/11 pp. 205-239 Sculpture Ch. 12 pp.240-262 Applications of Design Ch. 13 pp. 263-291 Important Dates: September 23 Exam I : Covers all material up to September 21 September 28 No Class: Optional Field Trip to Chicago (more information to come) October 11-12 No Class: October Break October 28 Exam II: Covers all material from Sept. 30 to October 26 November 11 Art Criticism Papers and All Extra Credit Event Papers Due November 28 No Class: Thanksgiving December _____ Final Exam : Covers all material from November 2 to December 9...
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