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Questions%20on%20Haring%20Drawing%20the%20Line - Why do you...

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________________________________ Last Name, First Name A9 in class October 26, 2010 Questions on Drawing the Line: A Portrait of Keith Haring 1. In what ways did Andy Warhol influence Haring and other artists of Haring’s generation? 2. How did Haring use semiotics (theory of signs)? 3. To what extent should commercialism enter the world of art? 4. Why do you think Haring remained an outsider with his peers?
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Unformatted text preview: Why do you think critics were not accepting of his style of art? 5. Some art, especially of the last few decades, focused on social issues. In what ways did Haring address social issues of the 1980s? 6. What do you think is the difference between high and low art? 7. Where is the direction of art going? Where should it go?...
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