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DIRECTIONS FOR SUBMITTING Cardiovascular Disease MODULE: 1. Due date: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 in class. 2. Include a cover sheet with: Your Name FN 30300 Cardiovascular Disease Module November 17, 2010 Your E-mail address 3. Staple or paper clip all the papers together. Arrange the printouts in the following order: 1. Cover Sheet 2. Cardiovascular Disease Module 3. Report on cardiovascular disease 4. My Risk Report
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Unformatted text preview: 5. MyPyramid Plan 6. Copy of Nutrient Intake printout from Project 2 That was used in Step IV 7. Low Fat Low Cholesterol Day Menu Planning form (from Blackboard) Food Record (Here is the food displayed….) Nutrient Intakes 8. Question 1 9. Question 2 10. Question 3 11. Question 4 INCLUDE YOUR NAME ON EVERY PAGE!!!! DON’T FORGET TO KEEP A PHOTOCOPY OF EVERYTHING YOU TURN IN!!!!...
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