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Family Mealtime: Food is More than just Something to Eat Abstract: The family meal has undergone dramatic changes in recent years that have led to negative effects on eating habits and food choices as well as a variety of social, intellectual, and behavioral consequences. These effects are seen in all cultural and socioeconomic groups and include everything from a decrease in the dietary quality of children, poor academic performance, and increased risk-taking behaviors. This session will take a multi-disciplinary approach, exploring research from the nutrition, health, and educational sciences. The roles of the community, schools, and industry in promoting the family meal will be addressed. Key Points: The family meal has a significant impact on the nutritional quality of children’s diets, language acquisition and academic performance, social skills and family relationships, and risk-taking behaviors. Promoting the family meal is a potential public health measure for
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Family%20Mealtime%20handout%20F%26N%20330%20and%20303 -...

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