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Study Guide for FN 30300 Fall 2010 Know how to do the calculations from Project 2. What You Eat and Why? How many kcalories are in one gram of carbohydrate, protein, alcohol and fat? How can one sort fact from fallacy in nutrition reported information? Tools for Designing a Healthy Diet What are the Dietary Guidelines and to whom do they apply? The MyPyramid plan- be familiar with the foods and portions sizes for each group and corresponding nutrients that belong in each group. What are the dietary standards (RDA, DRI, etc)? Where and how is each used? The food label – know the components and how to interpret the information provided. The Human Body Be familiar with the GI tract and the organs involved. What are each of their roles in the digestion process? Carbohydrates What are the functions of carbohydrates? What are the monosaccharides? The disaccharides? Know the different types of carbohydrates and the food in which they are found. What are the two types of fiber?
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Study%20Guide%20for%20Final%20Assessment%202010 - Study...

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