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1. Total Body Water (TBW) a. What is it? b. How is it measured? c. Describe differences between individuals and TBW percentages d. How is water balance maintained in the body? e. What mechanisms affect intake and output of fluids? 2. Intracellular and Extracelluar Fluid a. What are the differences between the fluids contained in these two spaces? b. What are the main ions located in each of these spaces c. Describe Starling’s Hypothesis 3. Hydrostatic and Oncotic Pressure a. Describe the difference between the two b. How do they affect filtration? c. How do these pressures affect body fluid balance? d. Where are these pressures located? e. What organs do they affect? f. What is osmolality? g. How does the body maintain fluid homeostasis? 4. What is Edema? a. What type of patient may be affected by edema? b. Describe the differences between generalized and localized edema c. How is edema treated? 5.
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NUR%20214%20Exam%202%20Study%20Guide - NUR 214 Exam #2...

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