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Unformatted text preview: Communication Skills Communication Dr. Kit Sebrey Schafer NUR 206 Communication Communication Exchanging info so that each person Exchanging clearly understands each other clearly Much more than talking and hearing, it is Much all behavior all Sending: Verbal Nonverbal Receiving Your words and gestures interpreted Receiver attaches meaning determined by Receiver past experiences, culture, self concept, and physical/emotional state physical/emotional FACTORS AFFECTING THE INTERVIEW…. THE Internal factors: Liking others Empathy Ability to listen External factors: Ensure privacy Refuse interruptions Physical environment Dress Note taking Introducing the Interview Introducing Address person correctly Introduce self and role State reason for interview WORKING PHASE WORKING Data gathering Open ended Open questions questions • Narrative info • Unbiased, leaves Unbiased, the person free to answer in anyway answer Closed/direct Closed/direct questions questions • Ask for specific info Facilitation Silence Reflection Empathy Clarification Confrontation Interpretation Explanation Summary RESPONSES OF THE INTERVIEWER INTERVIEWER TEN TRAPS OF INTERVIEWING INTERVIEWING Provide false assurance/reassurance Giving unwanted advice Using authority Using avoidance language Engaging in distancing Using professional jargon Using leading or biased question Talking too much Interrupting Using “why” questions NONVERBALS DURING THE INTERVIEW….. INTERVIEW….. Physical appearance Posture Gestures Facial expression Eye contact Voice Touch CLOSING THE INTERVIEW CLOSING End gracefully Don’t begin a new topic Don’t make promises you can’t keep Do prepare for future contacts or events Review agreements Discuss what will happen and why Answer final questions Some reading to do…. Some Developmental considerations Developmental People with special needs Transcultural considerations Chapters 2, 3 & 4 Resources Resources Jarvis, C. (2008). Physical examination Jarvis, and Health assessment (5th ed). and St. Louis, MO: WB Saunders St. ...
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