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Abnormal Behavior in Historical Context (Chapter 1in Barlow & Durand). This is a bare-bones outline of my likely lecture in class on the topic. Topics that I will cover in fairly good detail appear in italics. I. The Definition of Disorder A. important ramifications 1. reimbursement 2. legal responsibility 3. disability 4. commitment B. definition has changed across time C. no single definition 1. normal—abnormal continuum 2. lack of single causes 3. family resemblance II. Approaches to Defining Abnormal Behavior A. Previous unsuccessful attempts 1. value concept 2. what professionals treat 3. statistical deviance 4. biological disadvantage 5. distress or suffering B. More complete attempts 1. harmful dysfunction (Wakefield) 2. dyscontrol plus maladaptivity (Widiger) C. Working definition 1. psychological dysfunction 2. distress or impairment 3. atypical or unexpected cultural response III. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manuals (American Psychiatric Association)
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historical%20introduction%20outline - Abnormal Behavior in...

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