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Recitation%20syllabus - PSYCHOLOGY 350 Abnormal Psychology...

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PSYCHOLOGY 350: Abnormal Psychology Fall 2010 Recitation Sections TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Office E-mail Kim Cappa 1166 PSYC [email protected] Amber Landers 1166 PSYC [email protected] Vindhya Ekanayake 1162 PSYC [email protected] Recitation Objective To apply concepts discussed in lectures to real-life. This will involve a variety of exercises including discussions, write-ups and presentations on research approaches used in the study of abnormal behavior, and/or illustrations of specific treatment approaches. Recitation Requirements The recitation component of the course contributes 25% (100 point) of the final grade. This grade includes attendance (7%), participation (3%), and the completion of an end of the year project (15%). Three exams which will be completed during the lecture will account for the remaining (75%; 25% each). Attendance: 28 pts – 2pts per class Participation: 12 pts Presentation: 30 pts Paper: 30 pts Total: 100 pts Course Website We will be using Vista internet software to conduct much of the business of this course.
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