Recitation%20syllabus - PSYCHOLOGY 350: Abnormal Psychology...

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PSYCHOLOGY 350: Abnormal Psychology Fall 2010 Recitation Sections TEACHING ASSISTANTS: Office E-mail Kim Cappa 1166 PSYC Amber Landers 1166 PSYC Vindhya Ekanayake 1162 PSYC Recitation Objective To apply concepts discussed in lectures to real-life. This will involve a variety of exercises including discussions, write-ups and presentations on research approaches used in the study of abnormal behavior, and/or illustrations of specific treatment approaches. Recitation Requirements The recitation component of the course contributes 25% (100 point) of the final grade. This grade includes attendance (7%), participation (3%), and the completion of an end of the year project (15%). Three exams which will be completed during the lecture will account for the remaining (75%; 25% each). Attendance: 28 pts – 2pts per class Participation: 12 pts Presentation: 30 pts Paper: 30 pts Total: 100 pts Course Website We will be using Vista internet software to conduct much of the business of this course. You can log into the course website by going to the following site:
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Recitation%20syllabus - PSYCHOLOGY 350: Abnormal Psychology...

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