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Unformatted text preview: Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis and Definition and Goal Definition • Clinical Assessment: Systematic evaluation & Systematic measurement of key factors in a person presenting with psychopathology psychopathology • Diagnosis: Process of deciding if a person’s problem Process meets all the criteria for a mental disorder meets • Goals of Assessment: Gather as much information as we Goals can about the client’s symptoms – Feelings, behaviors, and thoughts – Duration of the problem – Disruptiveness – Influences Standards of Assessment • Reliability - how consistent is the method Reliability of assessment? of • Validity – does the method of assessment Validity actually measure what it intends? actually Assessment Methods Assessment • Clinical Interview • Behavioral Assessment • Psychological Tests Clinical Interview Clinical The Core of Clinical Assessment • Face-to-face interaction for gathering info Face-to-face about about – History of presenting problem – Psychosocial History – Medical/Psychiatric History – Motivation for Treatment Clinical Interview Clinical • Interview Formats – Unstructured Interview: Unstructured • Clinician is free to ask any question – Semi-structured Interview • Clinician can depart from set of questions to follow-up on Clinician specific issues specific – Structured Interview • Made up of carefully phrased questions asking about most Made important aspects of a disorder important Behavioral Assessment Behavioral • Direct Observation – Observing individuals in specific contexts • Self-Monitoring – E.g. Daily diary, sleep record • Behavioral Rating Scales – E.g. Child Behavior Checklist Psychological Tests Psychological • Intelligence Tests – For adults: WAIS – For children: WISC • Self-Report Personality Tests – MMPI-2 • Projective Tests – Rorschach Psychological Testing Psychological Psychological Testing Psychological • Projective Testing – People are asked to interpret unstructured or People ambiguous stimuli ambiguous Psychological Tests Psychological • Projective Tests – The Rorschach Test Psychological Tests Psychological • Projective Tests – Thematic Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) Test ...
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