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Final Paper Along with the presentation, write a 3-4 page critical evaluation of the article you selected. Papers will be due in your recitation section and collected at the time of your presentation. In describing each article, address the following in prose form: 1. Describe the disorder. (3 points) 2. Describe the components (e.g., different parts) of the treatments used in the article (e.g., session by session, activities completed by the client, etc.). Also describe information about the methods used to assess the treatments (E.g what measures were used, data analyses used etc) (5 points) 3. State the hypothesis made by the author(s). (3 points) 4. State the results and conclusions of the study. (3 points)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Do the results support the hypothesis? Why or why not? (3 points) 6. Critique the methods used to test their hypothesis. (e.g. can the same measures be reliably used with different populations/under different conditions). Are there other possible conclusions that can be drawn that the author(s) does not address? Can you think of any confounds that might have influenced their results? Are there other ways in which you might interpret the same results? Explain. (Be thoughtful here! Simply stating that there are or are not any other conclusions without a detailed explanation as to why will not earn points.) (10 points) 7. Proper use of grammar, spelling, and sentence structure (3 points)...
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