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Psychology 350 – Abnormal Psychology, Fall 2010 Presentation Grading Sheet – 30 pts Presentations should be 10 – 15 minutes long Name:___________________ Topic:________________ 1. Abstract turned in two weeks prior to presentation? (2 pt) 2. What disorder is being treated and what are the main features/symptoms of this disorder? (2 point) 4. Which treatment(s) are being tested? What are their main features? What expectations did the authors hold about the treatment(s) (e.g., determining which of two treatments is more effective,
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Unformatted text preview: improvement compared to wait-list controls)? (10 points) 5. How did the researchers test the effectiveness of the treatment(s)? (Be brief and focus on the aspects of the subjects, research design, data analyses.) (5 points ) 6. What conclusions were made? (5 points) 7. Critique the article and conclusions made. What important question(s) didn’t this study answer? Do you agree with the conclusions? Why or why not? (6 points)...
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