Almost a Woman - Courtney Morris November 9 2009 AMS 2030...

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Courtney Morris November 9, 2009 AMS 2030 Belgrad Discussion Question for Esmeralda Santiago, Almost a Woman How does Esmeralda’s family household differ from the suburban ideal? The suburbia ideal is mentioned in the novel, Almost a Woman . Negi describes her living style compared to the living style of her friends and some other wealthier relatives in New York. She lives with three adults, who include her mother, grandmother and grandmother’s boyfriend and many other younger siblings. They move frequently and into houses that are too small for their large family. They have a roach problem that does not go away, no matter how persistent they are with attempting to eliminate them. Also, each of them sleep two to a bed, and they take their baths in the kitchen. There is simply not enough room for the amount of people in their family. Also, they have very strict traditions that are enforced by “Mami,” Esmeralda’s mother. She is not allowed to make any stops on the walk home from school without telling her mother, or wear certain items of clothing. Her obligations include her studies and her family. The suburban ideal consists of a family with a mother and a father present, and a reasonable number of children. Each child has their own room and enough space within the household. The children of the suburbs, like Esmeralda’s friend Archie, had more freedom
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Almost a Woman - Courtney Morris November 9 2009 AMS 2030...

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