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jazz and bebop outline 7 - AMS 2030 Belgrad BEBOP JAZZ I...

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AMS 2030 Belgrad BEBOP JAZZ I. The African-American Musical Idiom A. Polyrhythm B. polyphony (“call and response”) and improvisation Additive idea of voices that cross each other. The first voice says a phrase, then there is an answer. C. “Blue” notes Certain intervals between notes to create harmonies Blue notes were out of whack, because it was more communitive. The notes seem “wrong” to people D. “dirty” timbre Make solo instrument into something more expressive II. Modern Jazz A. before bebop: New Orleans (“Dixieland”) and “Swing” jazz Dance orchestra, which were big bands that played in ballrooms. They started adding jazz. Diminishing the African American-ness There is a reaction against swing jazz, because people thought that everyone was being the same and played the same. You had to wear a uniform and the band leader would be the soloist. If you showed up late, you would be in trouble. B. The bebop revolution C. Cool jazz, Hard bop, and Free jazz More laid back. It is less frenetic type of style. Black culture has to be looked at as different. After Miles
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