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Belgrad AMS 2030 LATINOS I. Common elements of Latino experience A. mestizaje (mestizo) or creolization B. honor and sinverguenza- not following the rules and behaving as if they had no shame II. Puerto Ricans and Cubans They are more like one another than Mexicans, because they are both Caribbean cultures. The main migration of Puerto Ricans happened at this time, because there were fewer jobs there. They came to New York City to work in the garment sweat shops. They mostly traveled to east Harlem, or Spanish Harlem. III. Mexicans Other key terms: the Virgin of Guadalupe and Santeria
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Unformatted text preview: Mambo- came from Cuba in the 1950s. It was a tropical resort with casinos and nightclubs. Mostly organized by the mafia. The Palladium was the Temple of mambo was present in the 1950s in New York. Many other ethnicities attended. Tito Puente Bracero- tried to get mexican workers to come in and work corrido (ranchera)- history of some evento r important momento in their lives. the children learn english in a much faster way. The children are being responsable for their parents and makes them want to go out and be more individualistic...
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