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Lecture 2 - Other key terms Sputnik Soviets launched in...

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AMS 2030 TEHCNOCRACY AND THE SPACE RACE I. The Space race II. anxiety of the atomic age. Political realism. Started in World War II, when they used rockets to drop bombs on England. German war ethic collapsed in 1949. A. missile gap B. the “New Frontier” Was Kennedy’s slogan. The idea was that space was something that pulled our nation together by challenging us. Space became a symbol of American nationalism. II. Technocracy A. astronaut vs. cowboy astronaut: face of the new frontier. Space frontier was different than western frontier, because it was based off technology. An interest in western movies promoted the old idea of the cowboy, western American hero. Astronaut survived on lots of technology B. Dr. Strangelove (dir. Stanley Kubrick) a movie in which a conflict between the cowboy and the technocrat came about. The cowboy in it is piloting a bomb. Old fashioned American hero. The cyborg is represented by Dr. Strangelove, played by a comedian. Completely absorbed by the idea of technocracy. Social satire. Cowboy: slim pickins
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Unformatted text preview: Other key terms: Sputnik Soviets launched in 1957. The soviets had the atom bomb and could send stuff up into orbit and the Americans werent sure what these two things together meant Shifted power to the soviet union Switched the goal from putting satellites into space to landing a man on the moon Kennedy became president in 1961 and was able to take the anxiety of Americans and channel it in a productive way. He believed that we had better technology for landing something live, or something that stays there, on the moon, instead of having it crass down like the Soviets. Wernher von Braun Wernher von Braun worked for NASA and created the V2. Wanted to use rockets to drop bombs on the Britain Buck Rogers Surrended to Americans and first came up with the idea of the V2 Tomorrowland Walt Disney volunteered to help promote the idea of space exploration. Wernher von Braun built Walt Disney a model rocket and it became the center of Tomorrow Land....
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Lecture 2 - Other key terms Sputnik Soviets launched in...

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