Lecture 4 9th - AMS 2030 Belgrad "Organization...

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AMS 2030 Belgrad “Organization Man” and the Crisis of Masculinity I. The new middle class A. From “inner-directed” to “other-directed” B. “conformity” Not being individual enough. We are not able to express ourselves, because we are all living in the same place and working at the same job. Anxiety. Expressing oneself is now more important than it has been in the past. Conformist’s society. Conditions of work force conformity. II. Laying the blame A. the “power elite” and “cheerful robots” Follows Williams White’s way of thought. Undermining American democracy by the mass amount of white collar men. Not standing up for popular beliefs. Small group of powerful people at the top and no matter what they are in, it’s the same group of people. Power elite, shape society, everyone is dependent on them. The average American can only become the “cheerful robot.” They are using media as a way of distracting themselves from their own powerlessness. Turning
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Lecture 4 9th - AMS 2030 Belgrad "Organization...

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