Lecture 7 - deviants" o Criminal Justice becomes...

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AMS 2030 Belgrad “Brainwashing” and the Rise of Psychotherapy I. The Power of the Mind II. Movie Plot triangles A. Criminals, cops, and doctors B. Aliens, soldiers, and scientists B. movie-plot triangles- 1950- The psychologist could not figure out why the man thought he killed someone, and by interpreting his dreams, she found out he witnessed a murder instead of committing it. The police wanted to arrest, while the psychologist tried to observe and help him. King Kong. Believes in large force, one person. “punishing trasgression” is the opposite of this theory C.pyscho theropy - It is a liberal culture authority. Profiling criminals B. movie-plot triangles- very prominent movie plot style of the 50's For example a man would think he killed someone (criminal), find out he witnessed one (psychologist), and justice is served (police). o Psychotherapy becomes a liberal idea to diminish "social
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Unformatted text preview: deviants" o Criminal Justice becomes prominent as well in association with the unconscious mind • Science Fiction- Aliens represent thing that is odd or different. A woman (scientist), gets in the way to prevent the army from destroying the alien III. Parenting the baby-boomers II. Parenting the baby boomers A. Dr. Benjamin Spock • Wrote "Common Sense Booklet On How To Raise a Child" • Shows that it doesn't take a scientist to develop life • Gave parents a responsibility to establish communications with their child A. The companionate family B. television and comic codes Other key terms: Norman Vincent Peale, The Power of Positive Thinking Sigmund Freud and the unconscious Alfred Hitchcock, Spellbound Benjamin Spock, Commonsense Book of Baby and Child Care Fredric Wertham, The Seduction of the Innocent “deviants”...
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Lecture 7 - deviants" o Criminal Justice becomes...

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