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I. southern gothic writing style-decline of the old south II. Carnival freak show two of character, side show type freaks. Deformity hat symbolizes the south not being able to keep up. *Cultural lag--south is behind the rest of the country, a type of "time lag" III. Christian Realism II. People are basically evil, mistake to think they were good. Need religion to keep the evil in check Sin, Criminology. William Faulkner -founder of school of southern gothic writing, nobel prize winner Truman capote-- younger generation of the southern gothic writers from Alabama. went to high school with Harper lee (to kill a mocking bird) Reinhold niebuhr-- conservative moving towards the idea that humans are basically evil
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Unformatted text preview: mistake to the we are good. Came up with Christian realism Flannery o connor-- tied Christian religion into stories used grotesque characters. Dale Carnegie--gives people the idea on how to put salesmanship in our everyday lives Harper lee- isn’t southern gothic most successful southern gothic. Actually character is a good guy. Racial issues, insest and father is killed. Racism is the real crime of the south. Hazel motes- returning vet. Can’t go back to prewar times. Tries to escape south runs away and catches ride with salesman. . Family issues Dale- gives people the idea of what they will get really selling yourself to others....
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