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cover letter - Busch Gardens Laura Ellie Contemporary...

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November 30, 2009 Busch Gardens Laura Ellie, Contemporary Marketing Team Supervisor 111 W Fortune St. Tampa, FL 33602 Dear Laura Ellie, Contributing to Busch Gardens as an intern is an excellent opportunity for students who are passionate and determined. Currently seeking my degree in marketing has allowed me to acquire very valuable skills throughout the years. Not only have I attended many courses that have specifically taught about leadership skills, but I have also been a part of a myriad of organizations that stress the same values. My positive and motivational attitude should be in great interest to you when hiring new interns for the spring and summer semesters. Counseling young children for the past three summers at Sweetwater Summer Day Camp has allowed me to learn to work well with a wide age range of people. It has also taught me patience and excellent people skills. Becoming an intern for Busch Gardens requires a large amount of communication skills that I am confident I have to contribute. Being the captain of a sports team, teaching young children, and mentoring
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