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September 14, 2009 Ms. Lauren Brocklesby Resident Assistant University of South Florida 7544 Cypress/Maple Tampa, FL 33620 Dear Ms. Brocklesby, Wouldn’t it be enjoyable to live in an area with an even stronger community than the Cypress/Maple area has now? Wouldn’t it be fulfilling to learn skills that will teach us how to be successful leaders and work well with everyone around us? As Resident Assistants for the University of South Florida, it is our job to be leaders at all times. We were hired to be responsible and lead others in a positive direction. Some of these skills we already possess, but there is always room to learn more about how to better improve our community. The Dale Carnegie Institute has proven historically that it can do all these things. By attending this seminar the institute is hosting in Tampa, you will share in this experience and gain knowledge alongside me. For both of us to participate in this seminar, the cost will slightly exceed $400. This may seem
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Unformatted text preview: expensive to people in our position; however, the University of South Florida Housing and Residential Education Association will fully compensate our expense. The benefits of attending this one-day seminar will greatly surpass any expense. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn leadership skills and conflict resolution. This institute is proven to create leaders nationwide, and help employees like us build a strong community. This opportunity is very valuable and should not be looked over lightly. I hope you strongly consider the chance to gain expert training in our field of work. The information learned at this seminar will not only greatly benefit you at work, but also in life. Please let me know by October 1 st , since that is when I plan on meeting with Ms. Hurst. Sincerely yours, Courtney Morris Resident Assistant...
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