flier for presentation (camerons)

flier for presentation (camerons) - and we all know by now...

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Part IV Chapter 4: No One Likes to Take Orders Principle 4: "Ask questions instead of giving direct orders" Don't… Instead… Give harsh orders Provide helpful suggestions Tell people how or when to do things Ask questions to inspire creativity Restrict others with demands and orders Allow people the freedom to do things on their own terms Why?? Giving orders to people creates adversity and resentment. Also, it makes the person receiving the orders feel inferior or below the person giving them. Making suggestions kindly gives the other person that influential feeling of importance,
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Unformatted text preview: and we all know by now making someone feel important is the key to getting them to do what you want. Example: Carnegie speaks of a man named Owen Young who dealt with his employees in a manner which made them feel equivalent to him, even though he was their superior. He would ask their personal opinion on certain matters which would normally be solely his decision. Also, he would never tell his subordinates to do anything, he would suggest . Using phrases such as "you might consider this" and "do you think this would work?" instead of "do this or that."...
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flier for presentation (camerons) - and we all know by now...

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