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Formal Business Report

Formal Business Report - EVALUATION OF THE RESIDENTAL...

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EVALUATION OF THE RESIDENTAL ASSISTANT STAFF AND AREA OF LIVING IN THE CYPRESS/MAPLE AREA Prepared for Greg Connell Area Resident Life Coordinator Cypress/Maple Prepared by Courtney Morris Resident Assistant Maple B 1
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November 30, 2009 MEMORANDUM TO: Greg Connell, Cypress/Maple Area Resident Life Coordinator FROM: Courtney Morris, Resistant Assistant DATE: October 27, 2009 SUBJECT: Increasing resident satisfaction throughout the Cypress/Maple residence halls Here is a report requested on October 19, 2009 regarding the opinion of the Resident Assistant staff and area of living in the Cypress/Maple area. After assessing the results of the surveys handed out on October 12 th , it is clear that our staff should keep improving our work ethic and communication skills. Though we are known for our staff responsibility and helpfulness, the residents made it apparent that we still have room for improvement. There are many areas that I am confident we can alter to guarantee resident satisfaction. Some include satisfaction of the staff as a whole, trust between residents and Resident Assistants, and friendliness. Creating a more comfortable and positive living environment is another area that we could all strive to improve for our residents. It is important that the Resident Assistant staff does the best possible job to ensure the residents have a pleasant and successful college experience. The solution to this problem is very simple. After my coworker and I attend the Dale Carnegie seminar, we will have obtained the knowledge necessary to help improve the quality of our staff. We will learn skills to help with communication, work ethic and conflict resolution. As role models, we all have the skill of working well with others and learning from one another. Once my coworker and I attend the seminar, we will be able to collect information by taking detailed notes. After this information has been obtained, my coworker and I will break up the different topics into mini seminars. These seminars will each have a different topic and will be presented to the rest of the Cypress/Maple staff. We will be able to present seminars periodically to make sure we can improve on a regular basis so that we can keep up with our excellent reputation. These seminars will be designed to be enjoyable to attend and extremely informative. In term, each staff member will have learned new ways to make their job easier and more effective. As Resident Assistants, we are known for having the personality of a leader. We are all willing to learn, listen and teach. I feel that each staff member will take a great deal out of these seminars. Not only does it allow us all to bond, but it also allows every staff member learn new ways to communicate with their residents. These seminars will create more of a positive environment for the staff members and for the residents throughout the Cypress/Maple halls. I am grateful that my coworker, Lauren Brocklesby, will be helping me tackle the task of
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Formal Business Report - EVALUATION OF THE RESIDENTAL...

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