handout 1 - Flattery- Cheap praise. Very insincere...

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Courtney Morris Professional Writing 2 September 2009 Part 1, Principle 1 and 2 Chapter 1 Principle 1: “Don’t criticize, complain or condemn” Don’t Scold others for their mistakes Say others are wrong Criticize others Instead Start by praising Error, oversight, encourage Why? Hurts someone’s pride Justification Defensiveness Example Don’t condemn others actions or attitude Chapter 2 Principle 2: “Give honest and sincere appreciation” Appreciation- Honest, sincere, from the heart. Makes people feel important
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Unformatted text preview: Flattery- Cheap praise. Very insincere gratitude. False appreciation. Makes others feel lied to. Dont Go through the motions of thanking others Be emotionless in your appreciation Instead Make eye contact, be enthusiastic Make them feel important Be honest, sincere, and specific in your gratitude Why? Flattering someone gives them the impression you are being fake. Sincerely appreciating someone gives them that fundamental human need of feeling important...
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handout 1 - Flattery- Cheap praise. Very insincere...

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