informal report for peer review

informal report for peer review - DATE: October 5, 2009 TO:...

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DATE: October 5, 2009 TO: Dorie Paine FROM: Courtney Morris SUBJECT: Dale Carnegie Seminar There are so many benefits and opportunities that come along with being a Resident Assistant at the University of South Florida. Each staff is full of leaders that are ready to work as a team. As said in our company’s mission statement, The Department of Housing and Residential Education offer a safe community full of programs. On-campus housing is responsible for providing an area where students can utilize the benefits of our residence halls to help them grow and learn. It is a Resident Assistant’s job to help guide residents on their path to success. Being good role models starts with a strong staff full of leaders that are ready to help and teach one another. Creating more leaders and teaching others about cooperativeness and communication are two goals that could greatly benefit the staff and community if achieved. Background and Purpose It is to my understanding that improving the quality of our work as Resident Assistant’s could help out the community. Though each staff member has been carefully reviewed and picked as a responsible individual, receiving feedback on the staff’s progress is beneficial. Surveying individuals that live in the residence halls would allow the team to build a stronger foundation. Receiving feedback will allow the staff to see where there is room for improvement. Understanding why residents decided to live on campus could also aid us in improving the on-campus living experience. This could give us all the chance to see how our residents measure the amount of leadership present throughout the halls. Proposed Plan Through our experience of previously collecting useful and important feedback from the University of South Florida’s residents, it is understood that it has helped us improve the quality of our residence halls. Therefore, I am proposing a plan to you that will greatly benefit not only the
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informal report for peer review - DATE: October 5, 2009 TO:...

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