notes for class 9-21

notes for class 9-21 - o October 7 th survey is due o The...

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Courtney Morris September 21, 2009 Notes for Class Informal Proposal: Budget is in the same category as Schedule Repetition throughout the proposal is important Make sure it is in memo format Do not use the same wording as in the book (pg. 396-letter format, pg. 374-memo format) No indenting Double space between paragraphs The purpose of your informal proposal is to give to your supervisor’s supervisor Introduction o Focus on the benefits for the company o State what the problem is that you’re solving for your company For example: 1. money problems 2. leadership problems 3. efficiency 4. returning customers Proposed Plan o Make sure it is three to four sentences, or more o Elaborate on the plan and give lots of detail o Say what your full plan is and get into more specifics
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o Do not just follow the book o Long term: What do you want to see for the company in the future? Evaluate after 3 months, how much the company grows, then reconsider re-teaching these courses or taking them again Analysis o Ask for permission to continue on with your research
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Unformatted text preview: o October 7 th survey is due o The week of the 19 th , you will have collected all the surveys and tallied all the results and completed your research about your company o October 28 th- complete business report is due o Report will include information about our company, competition, market, training possibilities Staff o Describe your good qualities and credentials o What skills do you possess that will help the company? o Also, sell your coworker that will be attending the seminar/course with. Explain their good qualities too o Describe why you are the best learner and the best person to attend the Dale Carnegie seminar/course Budget o Research on your company o There is no rate for your budget o Break up your plan and add up the cost o Add the Carnegie seminar to the budget (exact dollar amount) Authorization o Serves as your closing o Ask them to contact you, make sure you write down your contact information...
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notes for class 9-21 - o October 7 th survey is due o The...

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