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Presentation instructions

Presentation instructions - must write his/her own five...

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Students are required to give one in-class presentation with a presentation partner during the course of the semester. Presentations will focus on a variety of techniques from Dale Carnegie’s work. Students will sign up for presentations during the first week of the semester. Students MUST give their presentation on the assigned date or receive an “F” for the assignment. Students are graded individually on their presentation and presentation handout. Each student
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Unformatted text preview: must write his/her own five minute (2 page) presentation and create his/her own accompanying handout. A copy of your presentation and handout will be handed in for grading. Each team will write one persuasive email advertisement for the presentation session. Presenters are required to send this email ad to the class at least two days before their scheduled presentation. A hard copy of your email should be handed in to the instructor on the day of your presentation....
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