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Statement for the Late Drop - as a course I was still...

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Statement for the Late Drop/Add Petition Form My name is Courtney Morris, and I am making this petition to withdrawal from a class I had been previously taking this semester. Earlier in the semester, I was employed as a Resident Assistant. After a month of working I decided to resign from my position as a Resident Assistant, which allowed me to spend more time focusing on my grades. The Resident Assistant class I was attending, taught by Regina Seguin, was a class specifically for those students only who were employed as Resident Assistants. I was unable to attend the class after resigning. The course was not previously dropped, due to the fact that I was informed that since it was related to my employment, that it would be dropped from my schedule of current classes. After the drop date deadline, I realized that the class still remained on my Oasis account
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Unformatted text preview: as a course I was still enrolled in. I had no luck trying to reach Regina Seguin through e-mail. My advisor, Katie Elverson, also did not have any luck getting in contact with Ms. Seguin or the department. During my advising session, it was suggested that I go to Ms. Seguin’s office or classroom to have her sign the petition in person so that this issue could be resolved. I feel that knowing that this course was specifically designed for only Resident Assistants; I should be able to have this class dropped. It would be appreciated if I could withdrawal from the Resident Assistant Experience course for the fall term of 2009 since I am not currently employed as a Resident Assistant any longer. Thank you....
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