CRIMFINAL - Final exam review Hagan ch 8-10 12 13 Cromwell...

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Final exam review Hagan ch. 8-10, 12, 13 Cromwell chapters 11, 13, 19, 22 Article by kelling and Wilson, Economist article Article by devah pager and bruce western A hundred questions! 5 extra bonus questions!!! Final exam review: Violence: two types xpressive vs instrumental- harm someone to get something out of it, like robbery, harming the victim itself is not really the purpose Classical theories apply to which type Violence Two types of violence: Expressive vs. Instrumental Classical theories apply to which type? Homicide Justifiable homicide vs. Criminal homicide -- 3 types of criminal homicide What is felony murder? Commiting a crime and actually kill the victim 3 types of multiple murder spree- a lot over short period of tyle serial- a lot over time mass- one place one time Detection and clearance rates, high or low? Murder: intra-racial? Intra-gender? Intra-racial but not intra-gender Victim precipitation: victimology, the contribution of the victim in the murder Homicides by strangers or by relatives and acquaintances? Robbery Definition, usually classified as violent crime Conklin’s Typology Sexual assault Usually categorized as a violent crime Why is it historically under-reported? Usually know their offenders, stigma attached Three types of rape: Which type is most common? Workplace violence
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2nd most common cause of on-the-job deaths What profession has the highest risk of workplace victimization? Police officers and law correctional officers School violence What country has the highest rate? The probability of being killed in school is low Spouseabuse Most victims are female 1/2 of domestic assault not reported What kind of interventions effective? Child abuse
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CRIMFINAL - Final exam review Hagan ch 8-10 12 13 Cromwell...

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