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Organized Crime - O rganized Crime Defining organized crime...

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Organized Crime 11/8/10 Defining organized crime Federal agencies (FBI, DOJ , etc.) use: Any group of individuals whose primary activity involves violating criminal laws to seek illegal profits/power by engaging in racketeering activities Criminological definition (four dimensions) Groups (organization) Utilize violence or threats of violence Provide illicit goods that are in public demand Assure immunity for operators through corruption and enforcement Defined organized crime as continuum along four dimensions Patterns of organized crime Strategic/tactical crime Willingness to use force/threats assures discipline Assault, coercion, extortion, murder used in pursuit of profit Blackmail, bribery, corruption essential tools of organized crime Illegal business/activities Gambling and related activities Loan sharking Labor racketeering Narcotics trafficking Human smuggling Prostitution/pornography Street Gangs Four myths of street gangs ( Klein) Highly organized, very cohesive, centralized leadership All violent Control drug distribution LA gangs franchise drug distribution to rest of country
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Mafia (La Cosa Nostra) Sicilian families that are loosely associated with one another in operating organized crime Came to US in late 19 th and early 20 th century Compared with Irish and Jewish gangs in urban areas Illegal alcohol business during prohibition Ethnic succession? Anomie Theory? Way to adapt to society International Organized Crime Thrives in liberal democracies or corrupt dictatorships They leave room for crime to operate Yakuza Japanese organized crime Lower class background More open regarding membership than similar groups in the US Chinese Triad societies Name is from the ritualistic use of numerology History traces back 2000 years Diverse level of criminal involvement Russian organized crime Most publicized groups in 1990s Nature of organized crime Money laundering Making clean or washing of “dirty money” (illegal funds) Money laundering is three step process Placement Layering Integration
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