HISTORY MIDTERM - History 175- Chapter 14 Questions 1. How...

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History 175- Chapter 14 Questions 1. How did white prejudice toward African Americans shape early Reconstruction policy in the Sea Islands and Louisiana? Federal forces seized the Sea Islands off the coast of South Carolina in November 1861. Northerners were convinced that Sea Island Blacks should resume their labors on cotton plantations – not as slaves but as paid wage earners. They didn’t think African Americans were capable of handling the land and needed white employers to guide them As in the case of the Sea Islands, northerners though African Americans couldn’t handle their freedom and needed strict work rules. Backs had one-year wage laborer contracts. Created a host of conflicting visions regarding the rights of freedmen, land redistribution, and the authority of x-slave owners 2. Why did African Americans consider acquiring land so important? How did they justify their claims to plantation lands? Land would give freedom meaning by providing an independent living, free of planter control. Freedmen justified their claims to plantation lands by sharecropping and the Homestead Act 3. How did violence come to play a role in the course of Reconstruction? What measures did Congress and the Grant Administration take to curb it? Terrorist groups like the KKK came about. As the Grant administration bowed to political pressure to reduce federal intervention in southern affairs, advocates of white supremacy seized the opportunity White violence had two goals: to strip away the freedmen’s hard won economic, social, and legal rights, and to prevent them from voting and holding office. Through threats, beatings and killings, they delivered this message. Mississippi plan: violence by white terrorist groups keeping thousands of blacks from voting restores power to the Democratic Party. 5. Who were the carpetbaggers? Where did this term originate and what does it tell you about southern attitudes during reconstruction? Carpetbaggers – white southerner’s derogatory term for northerners who came south after the war to settle, work, or aid the x-slaves. It falsely suggested they were penniless adventurers who came south merely to get rich. In reality most were middle class who viewed the south as a region of opportunity and planned to settle permanently 6. What key factors led to reconstruction? Politically – north wants south to be ruled by the majority of the people, have voice in the government. South had no public schools, hospitals.
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Lincoln Plan of 1863 – after battle of Gettysburg, North won = 10 percent plan – proposes moderate terms for readmission of southern states 8. Who were the “Bourbons” and what was their vision for New South? History 157 – Chapter 15 Review Questions
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HISTORY MIDTERM - History 175- Chapter 14 Questions 1. How...

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