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phil midterm review sheet - Phil 140 Midterm Review Sheet...

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Short Answer Questions 1. Descriptive claims/questions describe what people do (x). Moral/normative claims/questions show what people should do. 2. Moral and legal claims are different because morality has to do with ethics, what is right or wrong and legal claims have to do with the law what is legal or illegal. An example of something that is moral but not legal is feeding the starving people. It is morally right to do such a thing, but the law that it needs to be done does not say it. Something that is legal but not moral could be abortion. Abortion is legal but not everyone will agree that it is moral. 3. 4. Cultural Relativism – challenges our belief in the objectivity and universality or moral truth. It says there is no such thing as universal truth in ethics; there are only the various cultural codes. 5. 6. The different moral code is the idea that there is no cross-cultural standard of morally permissible or impermissible. People need to do what’s right for them. Different cultures have different standards Therefore there is o cross-cultural standard because circumstances are so different – cant criticize others (ex – holocaust) The problem with this is that people can’t accept other people’s ways of living. 7. A cultural relativist cannot criticize American slavery because they were not around the time that the slaves were being mistreated. They had different standards of living at that time. Stoning in Iran are part of the culture. Us Americans would never think to do such a thing but we have different standards then they do in Iran. Genital Mutilation in Ethiopia is clearly a problem, but again there is nothing we can do about it because there is no cross-cultural standard. We cannot criticize the past. 8. It is problematic for a cultural relativist to appeal to the standards within a culture because then they cannot accept other society’s cultures, and they need to tolerate them. As societies make progress, morals change, and if relativists are only appealing to the standards within one culture, they are never going to accept others. 9. Divine Command Theory
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phil midterm review sheet - Phil 140 Midterm Review Sheet...

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