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fmsc study guide - Work and family Benefits working parents...

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Unformatted text preview: Work and family Benefits working parents need from employment:-medical leave- parents need to be able to care for sick family members- paid maternity/paternity leave- childcare/early learning centers for 3-4 year olds (European countries)- shorter weeks more family time- employer willingness to accept/promote flexible and part time work arrangements without the loss of benefits or career prospects family and medical leave act (1993) Clinton:- guarantees unpaid leave for childbirth or family illness- only for businesses with 50 or more employees- hurts small business- harder to get/keep employees- unfair burden and additional work for other employees Bush regulations:- notice required- 30 days in advance if their need for FMLA leave is foreseeable- need to give as much notice as is practicable when they leave for unforeseeable reasons- must meet all company policy requirements if they want to substitute paid leave from company for unpaid FMLA leave FMLA rules and Restrictions: Family leave- time off to take care of another person in your family- new born/ adopted baby or spouse child or parent with serious health condition Medical leave- time off to seek medical treatment or to recover from your own serious health condition Pregnancy discrimination act:- female employees must on leave because of pregnancy or childbirth related disabilities must get paid if other employees with serious health conditions get paid leave- women are entitled to 6-8 weeks paid disability under most short term disability policies- treats pregnancy as a disability- refers to employers with 15 or more employees- also applies to men how PDA is used outside of FMLA- women are entitled to 6-8 weeks paid disability- 15 employee minimum Reading 27 1. Workers who put in the longest work hours- educated managers and professionals average hours/week in two earner families- 2000- 82 hours- 1970- 78 hours 2. family affected by time crunch- single parents- mainly mothers- need to work as much as possible to support their family 3. policy to alleviate pressures of time crunch (Gerson and Jacobs)- reduce average workweek to 35 hours- would help single parents meet their dual obligations and allow couples to have greater equality in work and caretaking responsibilites- policies need to protect rights of work to be involved parents without creating penalties in the workplace...
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fmsc study guide - Work and family Benefits working parents...

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